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NwN: Si la Mar by Night-Shadey

FULL NAME: Catann Amprahendt of the Waterfolk

MEANING: Neither her name nor surname has any real meaning. First one was picked for her by sea elves, who raised her; as for the second one, when she was hanging around in the harbour, she heard a word, presumably someone's family name, which she liked, and decided to use it as her own surname.

NICKNAME:  Cat, Cati

ACTUAL AGE: 19-20 years old

RESIDENCE:  Aeris, Faerûn

SPECIES:  Watersoul Genasi

GENDER: Female

SEXUAL PREFERENCE:  heterosexual (more precisely, Rodrikwhitecrowsexual)

MARITAL STATUS:  Girlfriend (later wife) of Rodrik Whitecrow

KIDS: None, for now.

OCCUPATION: Once Spirit Shaman faithful to Deep Sachelas and eager to help any spirits she met, after being kidnapped and mauled almost beyond recognition for several times, she lost her faith and turned towards Talos, hoping to become one of his ferocious Stormlords (mostly to be able to defend her loved ones).

Bullet; Blue APPEARANCE:Bullet; Blue 

HAIR COLOR:  Sand-blonde

HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH:  Armpit-lenght hair, wavy, usually loose

EYES COLOR:  Pearl-white

HEIGHT:  159cm

ABNORMALITIES: Web between fingers, gills (visible only when being used), pearl-white eyes, blue opalizing skin (usually slightly wet), dragon-like shaped ears

DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  Always wears small red sash on her arm/wrist and white wooden crow pendant

SELF CARE:  As a water-lover, she cares about hygiene really much and adores bathing. Since meeting Rodrik, she tries to wear modern, pretty clothes, which, because of her lack of knowledge about fashion, doesn't always work as intended.

FIRST IMPRESSION ON PEOPLE:  Few make fun of her blue skin, many approaches her with curiousity, almost everyone is amazed by her heritage. The first impression is usually: sweetheart, friendly, open-ended, helpful and naive.

SKIN COLOR:  Light blue, opalizing




DESCRIBE THEIR VOICE:  Friendly, warm and sweet


Bullet; Blue PERSONALITY:Bullet; Blue 

WHEN YOU FIRST MEET THEM:  Like I said, she is always smiling, slightly squinted. You can't guess her true intentions.

AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER (AND THEY LIKE YOU):  She would face all hell's fury to help you. It would be hard to find someone more loyal than her.

AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER (AND THEY DISLIKE YOU): Depending on how much (and why) she dislikes you, she will ignore you, or become cold, unfriendly and sarcastic. If you messed up with Rodrik, better keep away from any water for at least next few months.

POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS:  Loyal to death, friendly, helpful, open-ended, cheerful, loving, forgiving (unless one messed up with her dear ones), reliable, protecting

NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Naive, believer, never forgives people who hurt her loved ones (no matter of cause and motivation), has quite strong fears of horses and hot, dry weather (she thinks it could make her dry to death), dependable, can't cope with lost, jealous, when hurt she easily becomes paranoid and traumatic instead of fighting back (she tries to change it)

FAVORITE COLOR:  Blue, aqua, white, red

FAVORITE ANIMAL:  Water animals, crows

FAVORITE INSTRUMENT:  Waterfolk's lyre (sounding more like celtic harpe)



HOBBIES: Playing lyre, singing, sculpting (she believes she can make beautiful sculptures, while, in fact, none of her works resembles what intended), wandering, spending time with friends

USUAL MOOD:  Calm and cheerful

DRINK/SMOKE/DRUG:  She sometimes drink pure vodka, red wine or rum

SOFT SPOT/VULNERABILITY: Afraid of betrayal or loss, paranoid about her loved ones, hates undead beings with all her heart, goes postal when compared to Eneathrae - her archnemesis

OPINION ON SWEARING: She almost never swears, but doesn't care if someone else does in moderate amount

MUSIC TYPE:  Soft harpe/lyre music

COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURE:  Any, provided the weather isn't too dry

SLEEPING PATTERN:  Calm, but light; preferably shared with Rodrik

CLEANLINESS/NEATNESS:  Always, especially that she can create water anytime, anywhere

DESIRED PET:  Narwhal, if any

HOW DO THEY PASS TIME:  Hanging around with her friends, wandering, spending time with Rodrik, meditating

BIGGEST SECRET:  [spoiler alert] When Rodrik was kidnapped by shadowy figures and dragged through multiple planes including Baator, which was her fault as they actually wanted her, but she managed to escape, she secretly gave herself up to them in exchange for Rod's freedom, becoming their secret informer. She has no idea who they are, why they want informations about Aeris and is forbidden to reveal her secret.


FEARS:  Betrayal, loss, her loved ones being hurt, undead beings, horses, paranoid about Rodrik

DRUNK TYPE:  She sips every glass of beverage for hours, only to finish it at one gulp when it's time to go. She almost never gets drunk.

DONE ANYTHING TO GET IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW: Few times, almost, but only almost.

Bullet; Blue ROMANCE:Bullet; Blue 

DO THEY TAKE INITIATIVE:  Sometimes. She's rather passive, but the truth is she was the one to pick up Rodrik, despite him being a womanizer ;)

HOW DO THEY ACT: Slowly, sweet, caring, understanding.

GENTLEMAN/LADYLIKE VS CLUMSY:  Something in between. She tries to be ladylike, but due to her little knowledge about humans' customs, she often fails at the details

TRUE LOVE VS TESTING DIFFERENT PEOPLE:  True love, with Rod being her first (and first-sight) love and soulmate.


GO SLOW VS JUMP INTO:  Usually, go slow.

WHAT KIND OF PRESENTS DO THEY BUY:  Either things she knows one really wants to have, or something spiritual, with meaning (after Rodrik was killed by vampires and then thankfully ressurected, driving her nuts and causing her hatred for undeads, he gave him a flawless ruby - gemstone symbolizing love, protection and... vengeance, as a form of confession and promise, which he didn't realize at the time)

TYPE OF KISSER:  Soft, careful, ceremonial

DO THEY WANT KIDS:  One day, probably.

ARE THEY ROMANTIC: Yes, quite much.
HOW ARE THEY IN BED: Passive, caring, sweet, open-ended, agrees for most of Rod's ideas

TOYS:  Nope, although she sometimes uses her wall-climbing spell to check different surfaces ;)

FETISHES:  None, though she likes having sex underwater, making use of her racial skills

S+M:  Never ;--;


WIFE/HUBBY BEATER:  Never. Not only Rodrik would probably get furious, but she would feel like chopping off her own hand after that

MARRY FOR MONEY:  Never. She can have -no- money, ever, in the name of true love
FAVORITE POSITION:  Likes it underwater and on different surfaces (including ceiling, thanks to her wall-climbing spell)

OPINION ON SEX: Kind of sacred, evidence of love, should be made only with loved ones


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Akhanta // Szejdi
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Mówię po polsku, I speak English und ich lerne Deutsch. Я учился России, jag pluggar svenska et ego odi latina. ;)
Please, feel free to use any of those languages.

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